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How To Handle Every Single Objection

"How To Handle Every Single Objection Without Anxiety, Without Hesitation, Without Stammering and Without Fear.  Handle Objections Like A True Sales Professional and Master Closer"

A Personal Message From Chris Randolph

 I'm Not Joking.

This Will Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!

Even In The Face Of The Most Dreaded Sales Objections, Toughest Stalls and Prospect Holdbacks, YOU Can Close Like A...

PowerHouse Master Closer And True Sales Professional!

All you need are the exact tools, phrases, techniques and terminology that the Superstar Sales Professionals use.

If you want to increase your closing ratio, make more money and skyrocket your "closing confidence", you must read on...

From: Chris Randolph

Sales Professional, Sales Trainer, Sales Coach

Author of the best seller "The Sales Edge",  "The World's Greatest Closes",  "Powerful Negotiating Techniques", "The Mortgage Edge" and "25 Proven Ways To Increase Sales Now!"

Dear Fellow Sales Professional

If you're looking to step up your sales game and close more sales with higher confidence, you've come to the right place!

I remember when I started my professional selling career almost 20 years and I got my first objection from my very first prospect.  I got my ass handed to me and it was a complete disaster; I didn't know what to say or how to respond to them.  It was like the deer being caught in headlights!  I though that maybe sales just wasn't my cup of tea.

Early on in my sales career, I didn't have the right training in how to handle objections and my results, closing ratio and ultimately, my income suffered for it.  It wasn't long before I started searching out the top performers and tried to ask them how they responded to the objections that we, as sales professionals, get on a daily basis.

Over the years, I have collected all of these responses to all of these objections and have tried them all.  Some worked really great and some didn't really work at all.  Then, a couple years ago, I extended my search for the all-time best responses to all of the sales objections that we get from prospects.  I tapped my resources of my best highest-performing clients, my most diligent students with the greatest improvement in their results in the handling of objections and created the ultimate tool for sales professionals!

I present to you the best manual ever written on handling objections...

"How To Handle Every Single Objection"

You're about to be exposed to something very powerful, something that will give you the confidence to close, to handle any sales objection that gets thrown your way.  You will get highly-restricted access the the closely-guarded secrets; the expertise to handle objections that you encounter on a daily basis as a Sales Professional.  You will get unrestricted access to the prized and valuable words and phrases the TOP Sales Professionals use to bring in the high dollars.

You're in the sales profession.  Are you earning what you need, earning what you deserve?  If you are, then good for you?  If you're not, then ask yourself why.

I'd like to share this story with you...

"You're sitting at your desk.  It's the middle of summer.  You hear, then you see a fly buzzing at the window.  He wants to get outside.  But he keeps banging his head against the glass window.

Only a few feet away is the door.  The door leads to the freedom of outside.  The wonderful and fresh outside. 

But the fly is ignorant and stubborn.  He sticks to his narrow and myopic point of view. 

"I gotta get outside.  I gotta get outside!", he screams.  Yet he continues buzzing and bashing his head against the glass window.

He'll die quickly.  Why?  Because he refuses to adapt, learn and change.

The fly is a metaphor for you and me. 

You have a choice in your life and career.  Think Smarter.

You have the opportunity to get your hands on one of the most powerful Objection Handling manuals ever written that will skyrocket your sales skills.

50 pages of the most powerful content on Objection Handling for Sales Professionals.

Over 300 of the most powerful responses to over 30 objections that all Sales Professional hear put together in one red-hot manual.

We've sold this phenomenal manual at our live trainings, seminars and workshops for $149.99 (and it's still a GREAT bargain!).  But because you ended up at this site...  you get the "How To Handle Every Single Objection" for the super low deep discount investment of only $39.95!

 Actual Excerpt From The Objection Handling Manual...

   This isn’t a good time

   I don’t have time right now

   I don’t have time for this

   I don’t have time for this right now

   This is a bad time

   This is not a good time

   You’re calling at a bad time

   I can’t talk to you right now

   I just can’t talk

   Call me later

   Try to get a hold of me tomorrow, next week, next month…

   Call me tomorrow, next week, next month…

 Possible reasons for this objection:

  •        It’s a smokescreen for the “true” objection

  •        They’re trying to get rid of you or blow you off

  •        You really have called at a bad time

  •        You haven’t provided any value

  •        They’re not the real decision maker

   You’ll generally hear this objection before you’ve made your pitch or some time    after.  To prevent this from popping up before you’ve made your presentation, ask your prospect if this is a suitable time for a quick chat.

 What I say is “Is this a semi-good time for you?”

 Respond with:

1.              Is there a better time that I should call?

2.              What’s the best time to call you?

3.              When’s a good time to speak with you?

4.              When is your best time for me to call you back?

                  (And several more responses)

The "How To Handle Every Single Objection" 50-page manual for only $49.95 will arm you with an unfair advantage over your competition.  In today's market and economy, being good isn't good enough.  You have to be great.

To be great you need the best tools, the best skills and the best techniques to propel to the front of the pack.


Your Competition Is Going To Hate You.

Your Prospects Are Going To Respect You.

Your Boss Is Going To Be Impressed With You.

Your Paycheck Will Now Be Something To Be Proud Of,

You will equip yourself with information, phrases and techniques that will blow the doors off your competition.  If you were able to do that, you wouldn't be upset, would you?

Imagine these powerful phrases flowing out of your mouth...

"You’re exactly right. We are expensive. Anything that gives great value costs a lot, don’t you agree?"

"It’s not so much the money you’re spending, but the investment you’re making"

"One of the things I’ve learned is that you can’t have high quality, excellent service and low price all at the same time. Which of these is more important to you?"

"This makes sense to me, how about you?"

You're going to make thousands and thousands of extra dollars in income.  These powerful objection responses will allow you to close like a lean, mean selling machine.

Imagine this... when you are able to close just a couple extra deals more a month, what would that mean to your monthly income?  What kind of impact would be made to your lifestyle?

This content-rich manual will be emailed to you within minutes of your purchase in PDF format.  You'll be able to save it in your computer or print it out and read it whenever you want.

You'll receive 50 pages of the most powerful content on Objection Handling ever written.  We break down each objection and even list out all the different variations of the objections.  We'll tell you why they are raising that objection and you'll receive several responses to those objections so you'll always have an armory of responses.

Here's my simple, no BS, rock-solid, iron-clad guarantee:

"Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.  If you aren't satisfied, contact me within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of the purchase price."


You'll learn:

  • How To Bridge The Conversation

  • The Real Reason Behind Each Objection

  • How To Handle The Following Objections:

  • I'm busy right now

  • Your competition is better

  • Send me some info

  • Do you have references?

  • Why should I buy from you?

  • It's too expensive

  • I need to think about it


We have invested thousands of hours collecting, poring over, analyzing and testing every single response to these objections in order to maximize the effectiveness of the "How To Handle Every Single Objection" Manual.

The end result is that this stuff works!  You don't have to believe me, you just have to give this a shot and try it out.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by offering a whole bunch of "Bonuses" to get you to act now.  The proven information, techniques and strategies in this powerful book will help you to close easier, close quicker & to close more.

However, when you order, you'll receive an hour-long audio MP3 on Closing.  This segment is pulled from my highly effective "Sales Edge" Seminar series.  I'll break down the exact steps you need in order to increase your closing ratio.  I'll expose the hidden secrets that Sales Professionals use to make the big dollars.  This highly sought after information will be at your fingertips and unlock your earning power.

This audio recording is a MUST-HAVE for your library of selling skills and tools.

Isn't that what you really want?

The techniques in this book are designed for sales professionals from any and every industry.  A partial list of some of the industries from satisfied clients are:

  • Real estate

  • Mortgage

  • Insurance

  • Automobile

  • MLM

  • Direct selling

  • Retail

  • Printing

  • Web design

  • Advertising

  • Consulting

  • Construction

  • Escrow

  • Title

  • Human resources

  • Temp agencies

  • Accountants

  • Financial planners

  • Florists

  • Courier

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Financial institutions

  • Credit card merchants

  • Office supplies

  • Furniture

  • Life Coaches

  • Personal coaches

  • Fitness coaches



When you order  the "How To Handle Every Single Objection", you'll receive a powerful  50-Page Manual with over 300 of the most effective objection handling responses ever put together. When you have completed checkout, you will be directed to the secure download page to get access to your NEW POWERFUL manual.


Place your order for the book, read it, try it out, and if you feel that you absolutely cannot use the information, techniques and strategies in your business, simply tell me and I'll refund your investment 100%, no questions asked!

Since I've taken all of the risk away from you and placed it on my shoulders, doesn't it make sense to at least give this a try? 

 promise you from the bottom of my heart that you will get great results from this book.

Get this now and you'll be selling like a true Sales Professional in no time!

Thank You, Best In Success And Happy Selling!


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